Villa renovation Fuengirola

This is the first stages of a complete villa renovation in Fuengirola. The villa will undergo a complete reform, but the work will be carried out in stages to ease the financial burden of the project and to give the clients relief from the building works (as the clients have moved into the villa now it is habitable).

The first part of the renovation was carried out last year, renovating the interior, kitchen, bathroom, and living areas. This was all plastered and painted and is a comfortable living space.

The second part of the renovation was what can be seen here. The pool was leaking, so has been renovated using a Renolit AlkorPlan 3000 reinforced pool membrane which completely seals the structure, with a 10 year warranty. In addition some minor leaks were repaired in the pump room.

We have carried out some exterior painting with fine detail on the balustrade and replaced some doors and windows.

In the pictures you can see that work has started on the underbuild, The basement area will be made into a self contained apartment.

We can be flexible and work to our clients needs and budget.