Swimming Pool tiling, Mijas, Costa del Sol

A before and after picture of a swimming pool tiling & renovation project in Mijas.

In the before picture, the pool doesn’t really look that bad, but it was a very boring colour of blue, with the stereotypical dolphin and Greek key border. There was no personal touch, that the clients could be proud of.

The pool was leaking through the pipe in the base of the pool. Excavation of the terrace to get to the pipe was impossible, as the terrace is stamped concrete and difficult to repair. However what made the work impossible (without tens of thousands of euros) is that the pool is supported by a retaining wall 5m high, on top of which is a concrete ring beam and then the terrace. Excavation in this area would have disturbed the ring beam and the retaining wall.

Instead, we re-purposed the hoover pipe to give a working drain. The pool can be hoovered using the skimmer, so not a problem. We did suggest that the most economical option would have been to simply block the drain off, but as the owner wanted to tile the pool to his liking, it made sense to make the repair.

The tiles chosen are a beautiful turquoise glass mosaic.

Swimming pool renovation, Mijas

Swimming pool renovation, Mijas, Costa del Sol

Swimming pool re tiling, Mijas

Swimming pool re tiling, Mijas

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