Swimming pool construction and renovation, Costa del Sol

We have vast experience in the renovation and construction of swimming pools.

For new swimming pool constructions, the most time consuming thing is the paperwork. The actual construction of a concrete swimming pool takes us about 2 weeks.

The first step in the construction of the swimming pool is to retain an architect. The architect will draw up plans and submit these for approval. Once the plans have been stamped, we can move on to applying for the building license. This can take any where from a few weeks to 12 months, depending on the area.

When the paperwork is completed and approved we can break ground. We favour sprayed gunite concrete for small domestic pools. The pool form is excavated to the required dimensions, and brick shuttering is built. Once this is in place, steel reinforcing is put into place, along with the pipes and light buckets.

The concrete is then sprayed at the wall under high pressure to a depth of around 200mm

After this we cast the white marmolina swimming pool surround, render the walls and tile with glass mosaic gresite.