Pool transformation, pool made bigger, pool tiled and leaks repaired

We completely renovated this old leaking swimming pool. The first thing we did was diagnose the source of the leaks. We diagnosed leaks in 2 runs of plumbing, in both the skimmer pipes and the return pipe.

The bridge, which didn’t really have a purpose was removed so we could make the pool wider, as at this point it was very narrow. The pool looked even narrower once the bridge was removed. It is not normally recommended to alter the structure of a pool, but in this case it was feasible, as we were working on the shallow end of the pool, where there was less stresses involved.

Steps were built into the shallow end of the pool that also serve as a seating area, perfect for enjoying the panoramic views from this villa in Mijas.

Once the pool had been made wider and the steps had been built in, we cast a new “marmolina” pool surround. The marmolina is white concrete that is floated to give a uniform smooth surface, but still is non slip. To make the marmolina we have to build shuttering around the pool and pour the mix into it. After the shuttering comes off, we polish the edges and put expansion cuts in it.

After this the swimming pool can be tiled, grouted and cleaned ready for filling.

The plumbing is all new, for a trouble free future. When planning works to the pool, it is important to consider the future.

After all this work, the transformation was complete with a tropical turquoise tile and a beautiful new surround. This was quite an amazing transformation, taking our superb team about 2 weeks. For perspective, the pool measures 15m x 5m

Pool and building works, Mijas

Pool building and renovation works, Mijas

Pool with new terrace

Complete building service, Costa del Sol

Leaking pool in need of reform

Leaking swimming pool in need of reform, Mijas

Making pool wider

Making the swimming pool wider, Mijas

Building pool walls

Swimming pool construction