Complete Villa Renovation in Coin, nr Marbella, Costa del Sol

The joy of purchasing a home on the Costa del Sol, is that you are able to put your stamp on it and make it truly personal. Renovating or reforming an existing finca or villa is a way of doing just that. It allows yo to get the finish that you want from your swimming pool area, terrace and interior living spaces.

Planning the schedule of works is the first step. We will not only discuss your immediate plans, but also your future plans to ensure that no unnecessary works are done and that no extra cost is incurred in the long term.

Part of our service can include the application for the correct licenses from the town hall (ayuntamiento), whether it be small works (obra menor) or major project (obra mayor). In general, for an obra mayor an architects project is required.

Our team of specialists includes architects, plumbers, certified electricians, tilers, painters.. we have it covered.

In this example, the project was of a huge scale, taking just under 6 months to complete. The entire home was stripped out down to bare walls and floors and then started again. This included all the electrics and plumbing. The villa was completely rewired and supplied with a new Boletin (safety certificate required by the energy company). Some of the plumbing was not good as new pipes had been added, others blocked off etc.. so leaks would probably be a problem in the future.

Each room was completely stripped out, rendered and plastered, then new high quality tiled floors put down. New windows and doors were installed.

Here are some progress photos, in later posts, we will post finished pictures and detailed descriptions of the building work involved.