Fibre glass swimming pool lining and waterproofing, Malaga, Costa del Sol

We line swimming pools with gelcoat and fibreglass in most areas of the Costa del Sol, Nerja, Velez-Malaga, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Mijas, Marbella, Estepona etc and inland areas such as Coin and Alhaurin.

The fibre glass lining of a swimming pool is a fairly quick process, resulting in a fully waterproof pool structure that will give a modern clean look, whilst being easy to maintain.

Fibreglass or polyester lining is more economical than other finishes.

The polyester is a long lasting, hard wearing surface, reducing the build up of cal and algae due to its water repellent properties. The polyester is 100% waterproof and has a certain amount of flex, making it a good product for waterproofing structurally flawed pools. It can either be left as the finished surface, or be treated to allow tiling.

It can be applied directly over painted, tiled or other finishes, as long as the substrate is reasonably smooth.

It is not necessary to change any of the fittings in the pool, thus reducing cost.


  1. Preparation of the surfaces. The pool needs to be clean and dry when the team arrives on site. The products can not be applied over damp surfaces.

Tiled Pools – If the grout is reasonably good, the polyester can be applied directly over the existing tiles. If the grout is in very poor condition, or missing, it will need skimming with 52.2 cement.

Painted Pools – Any loose or flaking paint needs to be removed. In areas where the paint is very thick and uneven, this will need to be ground smooth.

If the pool has very square corners, these should be rounded with a sand cement mix, as it is very hard to fold the matting into the corners. This can be seen in the link below.

  1. Application of the product.

We apply 450gms/m2 of chopped fibre matting. Approximately 1kg/m2 tixotropic resin and finish with high paraffin content gelcoat, in white. Fittings are masked.

  1. It is possible to tile over the fibreglass (if the pool is of concrete or block construction), either immediately, or in the future as budget allows. In order to apply tiles, the final layer of gelcoat is treated to provide a bond for the tile adhesives.
  2. Once the resins have set, the masking can be removed and the edges sealed with polyurethane.

After this, the pool needs about 3 or 4 days to dry before filling up.

We recommend that the finish is in white, as it is the most hard wearing.

Swimming pool, fibre glass lining

Swimming pool, fibreglass lined Fuengirola, Malaga

Waterproofing using fibreglass

Waterproofing using fibreglass. Polyester resin and glass fibre matt

Fibre Glass finished swimming pool

Fibre Glass finished swimming pool. Pool structure leaking

Lining and waterproofing using fibreglass in Malaga

Lining and waterproofing using fibreglass and polyester resin in Malaga

Refinishing a pool in an atico, Marbella

Refinishing a pool in an atico penthouse, Marbella

Penthouse swimming pool renovation

Penthouse swimming pool renovation, Marbella