Installation swimming pool heating, Costa del Sol

Installation of a swimming pool heating system is something that has to be considered carefully. It is a considerable investment, so the heater chosen needs to be reliable, with parts availability and be large enough to heat the volume of water. We normally specify a heater slightly larger than needed, which allows the pool to be heated quicker and be used for longer without a cover of needed.

When choosing a heat pump for your swimming pool the following need to be considered.

  • Is the pool for domestic use, or will it be a holiday rental? If the pool is domestic use, it is unlikely to be used in winter months. If the villa is to be used for year round rentals, holiday makers will want to swim year round.
  • Will a cover be used. Again, the use of the pool needs to be considered. Rental clients on holiday are unlikely to replace the cover after swimming, whereas the home owner will. This has a bearing on the size of the heater required.
  • Location of the pool. Is the pool exposed to wind, or sheltered?
  • Altitude. A pool heater in Mijas Pueblo will need to be bigger than a pool heater in Fuengirola for the same size pools.

There are some other questions that we ask clients about their reasons for choosing a pool heater. Once we have this information, we can specify the most suitable heat pump for the pool.

Latest technology pool heaters now use multispeed inverter compressors and variable speed fans to improve running costs. These technologies also make the machines much quieter.


Out with the old and in with the new inverter pool heater A+ efficiency.