Exterior rendering, Villa renovation by our builders, Mijas

This villa was built in the 1970’s and is in need of modernization. In the interior, all of the walls have been plastered, new floors with high quality ceramic tiles, new kitchen, totally rewired etc. Later on, the terrace will be tiled and the cracked pool repaired and renovated.

We have taken these photos to show what a radical transformation can be achieved for something so old fashioned. The walls of this house are clad in clay bricks. We have applied a bonding agent, then a cement based glue, followed by a waterproof render.

Mijas builders

Rendering exterior walls, villa renovation, Mijas

First stage of the process is to apply a bonding agent. Once the bonding agent is in place a rough first coat of render can be applied, this builds up the depth.

Villa reforms

Mijas villa reform

Second step, another skim and profiles put into the corner to leave a straight and vertical edge

Mijas construction company

Building and renovation Mijas

Third stage, here the corner profile is in place and to the right hand side, a strip of render has been applied which is perfectly vertical to give a guide for the final coat of render.

Villa renovation Mijas

Villa renovation Mijas

Builders, Mijas

Builders, Mijas

Home renovation, Mijas

Home renovation, Mijas

Here, the finished result. A perfectly smooth, flat and clean looking wall. Imagine the transformation to the entire house. Once the whole house is rendered outside, it will look fresh and modern, all the 70’s details gone.

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